New York Fashion Week

Over the weekend four Holyoke youth traveled to Manhattan for the New York Fashion Show. We had the opportunity to meet people and experience the Fashion Industry first hand. Our mentor Kassandra Castillo was a former top model in San Juan. She’s featured major designers on runways and featured in many magazines. Now a successful entrepreneur living in the City, she’s been in the fashion industry for 14 years. Thanks to her guidance and support, we saw some exquisite places and met some incredible people. We hope you enjoy their life-changing stories.

The New York Fashion Week Field Trip Photo Essays

Gabe Camacho: Milk Studios
Alexis Diaz: Fashion E-Commerce:
Jose Colon: FIT: Fashion Institute of Design/Museum
Isobel Williams: Art Hearts Fashion Show

The Young Entrepreneurs of Holyoke Project
gives youth the tools to envision, empower and take initiative in their lives, their community and our world. The Project builds upon the success of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute’s Entrepreneurship Initiative in Vieques, Puerto Rico: 2003-2007. The Institute’s Faculty features successful alumni and experienced professionals.